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I love breakfast food, and since moving to St. Louis, I have tried many different breakfast places. Here are some of my favorite:


With multiple locations and being walking distance from both the main campus and the South Forty, Kaldi’s is a classic and of course is on the top of the list. Kaldi’s truly has it all: delicious smoothies, delectable pastries, handmade coffee, and of course, the famous avocado toast. Not only is everything from Kaldi’s amazing, but it can be breakfast or lunch with its versatile hours and a wide menu.



Meshuggah’s is on the loop and is another classic St. Louis breakfast spot. While famous for its bagels and bagel sandwiches, you truly cannot go wrong here. From bagels to pastries to French Toast to sandwiches, Meshuggah truly has something for everyone. I personally love the Honey Vanilla latte and the breakfast bagel. If you haven’t gone here yet, it should be high on your list!


Blueprint Coffee

Blueprint is another small, cute coffee shop on the loop. Often forgotten because of the nearby Starbucks, Blueprint is an adorable coffee shop with incredible lattes and pastries. The décor adds to the ambiance and makes it an adorable place to sit and do work once COVID is over. I highly recommend Blueprint if you are looking to mix it up and try a new local coffee shop!


Pharaoh’s Donuts

This Central West End Donut shop is claimed to be the Best Donuts in Saint Louis, and I can’t say I disagree. With countless flavors of Donuts from the classic glazed to adventurous ones, there is a donut for everyone here. My personal favorite is the Banana Crème donut. If you’re willing to wait in line and make the trek over to the Central West End, Pharaoh’s Donut’s is the place to go.


Rush Bowls

I am not a big smoothie person, but Rush Bowls is my favorite. This Central West End spot has a vast array of different smoothies, smoothie bowls, endurance and wellness bowls. You can also customize your bowl, adding many different toppings and boosts. If you are ever craving a smoothie or an açai bowl, I recommend giving Rush Bowls a try!

Lydia Sidrys

Wash U '24

Hi! I am a first-year at WashU from Chicago and am interested in studying International and Area Studies!
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