Best Shows to Binge Watch While You're Sick

With my last article being about the struggles of seasonal allergies, you may be sensing a pattern. Being quarantined and confined to my dorm room has left me feeling quite isolated, however, thanks to Netflix, I am at least entertained. Here is a list of the best shows to binge watch on Netflix when you’re feeling under the weather!


New Girl

With new episodes just recently added, New Girl is the perfect choice to get your spirits up!


Parks and Rec

Not only is this show hilarious, it is also has some high key relatable moments.


Arrested Development

No matter how terrible I am feeling, Tobias Funke will always make me laugh.


Schitt’s Creek

While this Canadian comedy is not as well known as some of the other shows listed, it is just as hilarious. With its plot being centered around a wealthy family who suddenly goes bankrupt, think of it as a less mainstream Arrested Development!


I hope you get well soon!!

By Sophie Taibl