The Best Remix of Pop Songs You'll Hear All Year

Remixes are all the rage right now. Who doesn’t love a funky spin on Lorde or Lana del Rey? Play these for your friends and instantly up your hipsterness and music IQ.


Tennis Court -- Flume Remix



One of Flume’s most well-known songs, his remix of Lorde’s “Tennis Court” is pretty legendary. The song builds slowly and eventually leads to a fun, high-energy drop in Flume’s typical style.


Stolen Dance -- Mazde Remix


Great song, great remix. Although some will argue that Milky Chance’s “Stolen Dance” stands best by itself, up-and-coming artist Mazde succeeds in this remix by maintaining much of the original song. What makes this remix is the drop, which can only be described as “epic” and will make you want to rock out to the unique beat.

I’m In Love With The Coco -- Ed Sheeran and Hitimpulse remix


Ed Sheeran strikes yet again with a cover of “Coco.” If you thought that was cool enough, Hitimpulse came in and remixed it to glorious perfection. Ed isn’t drowned out by any major beat drop, which allows his angelic voice to shine through.

Loyal -- Ellie Goulding and Skizzy Mars


This is a remix of Ellie Goulding’s cover of Chris Brown’s “Loyal.” Really, nothing beats Ellie Goulding, and paired with Skizzy Mars’ mad rapping skills, this song is super savvy.

Born To Die -- Kygo Remix


A bit more upbeat than most of Kygo’s stuff, this remix of Lana is super fun and a prime song to dance to.

Trophies -- Tim Gunter Remix


This remix of Drake is awesome. Just listen.

Stay With Me -- Prince Fox Remix


Prince Fox recently graced us with his presence at our welcome week finale. Regardless of whether you heard him live or not, you should know that Prince Fox is a master of remixes. His remix of Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me” is electronic and edgy without losing the anthem-like quality of the original song.

La La La -- Gamper & Dadoni Remix


This remix of Naughty Boy and Sam Smith is chill and laid-back but still has a bangin’ beat. Gamper & Dadoni even added some of their signature sound, the saxophone, to spice things up.

So there’s a little sampling of some of the best remixes of popular songs. If you like these songs and are looking for more, head over to to find an endless amount of remixes and other cool stuff.

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