Best Places to Cry on Campus


School got you down? Mentally drained from the constant failure that follows you everywhere? Just need to clean out those eyeballs? If any of these describe you then this list will be super helpful! Here are my favorite crying spots at Wash U.


1) The last Simon study room

A great place to relieve your tears and get some work done at the same time. Since its at the end of the hallway you will have minimal interruptions.

2) Olin B Stacks

Act like you’re napping on the giant cushions. People will think you are resting your head on your arm for some z’s but it’s actually so your sleeve can absorb the tears.

3) Single bathrooms in simon basement

So much privacy and you can take your time!

4) The circ

If you need to get somewhere but also need to release those tears, hop on the circulator to multi-task

5) Your shower

Best option by far, especially if your suitemates aren’t home. Crank the sad tunes and let the tears flow. IF you want extra drama i recommend sitting down. It’s dirty but it’s weirdly soothing.

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