Best Netflix Shows to Background Binge

Also Known As: best shows to watch if you don’t have time to actually binge…

If you’re like me and need background noise while you study, here are some shows you should consider watching so you don’t get sick of of your favorite songs or wake up your neighbors when “Wannabe” comes on and you just have to belt the chorus.



It’s a classic. If you haven’t been living under a rock, you probably already know every character. If for some reason you haven't met them yet: Rachel’s a fashionista, Monica’s a neat-freak, Phoebe’s a free-spirit, Chandler’s a funny guy, Joey’s a dumb hottie, and Ross is a dinosaur nerd. There are 10 seasons, so you’ll have plenty of “friends” to keep you company through midterms! Ross and Rachel...Rachel and Ross...were they on a break? Despite your inevitable hatred for Ross (he’s just soo annoying) and love of Rachel, you’ll root for them to end up together, and you’ll watch as all of the friends find their lobster.


How I Met Your Mother

Who wouldn’t want to marry Ted Mosby? He’s a hopeless romantic who just wants Robin to love him. Robin, however, is in a committed relationship with her career and her 5 dogs. Then there’s Barney, the womanizer, who wants everyone, well, maybe just hot chicks under 30, to “love” him. And lastly, Marshall and Lily, a quirky duo who want their happily ever after to start as soon as possible. The show follows Ted through the streets of New York City, until, many wrong turns and late nights at MacLaren’s later, we finally meet “the mother.” You’ll laugh, you’ll probably cry, but you’ll be happy you watched. I’m actually rewatching HIMYM as I’m writing this, so clearly a favorite.


New Girl

Between Schmidt’s “douchebag jar”, Coach’s super stylish tracksuits, Winston’s unexplained love for his cat, and Nick’s self-loathing, who wouldn’t want to be Jessica Day? *sense the sarcasm* Jess, the spunky school teacher, brings sunshine into the loft with her cheery personality and big blue doe eyes the moment she walks through the door. But seriously, what could possibly go wrong when 1 girl is living with 3 guys who don’t have their acts together?

P.S. Take my word for it and stop at the finale of season 4...they brought Megan Fox into the mix for season 5 and it just doesn't work out for them, so quit while you still have some faith in Nick.


It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

In need of a good laugh?? “The Gang” is a group of dysfunctional alcoholics who own a bar...need I say more? As they describe themselves in “The Gang Solves the Gas Crisis” (Yes, all of the episodes are that ridiculous), Dennis is “the looks,” Mac is “the muscle,” Charlie is “the wild card,” Frank is “the brains,” and Dee is “the useless chick.” You’ll learn after just one episode that they’re all in fact wild cards and no one has a brain. Every episode is just as inappropriately hysterical as the next.

So whether you’re re-watching old favorites or making new friends, enjoy hours of mind numbing television! (I know I do…)


by Elizabeth Baxter