Best Moments from Downton Abbey

After nearly three years since the end of the sixth season, Downton Abbey returns this weekend, this time in theaters. Viewers get to see what their favorite characters have been doing since we last saw them at the end of 1925. The film will follow the characters as they navigate a visit to Downton by King George V and Queen Mary. Before that, let’s relive some of our favorite Downton moments--which are all spoilers. If you haven’t watched the show, I highly recommend it. 


Sybil Running Away with Tom: Everyone was excited when the scandalous love story of the rich girl and the chauffeur had a happy ending (at this point). Free-spirited and strong-minded Sybil decided to run away with Tom against the wishes of her father and grandmother. They moved to Ireland, and she and Tom got married there. 

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Matthew’s Proposal to Mary: After going back and forth between liking and hating each other, after he almost died, after we thought he couldn’t walk, after he was getting married, then she was getting married, then neither was getting married but he felt guilty that Lavinia died, the two were finally getting married. Finally.

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O’Brien leaves Downton: I never really got over the fact that she placed the soap by Lady Crawley’s bathtub and then she lost the baby. Good riddance. Plus, Barrow was so much better without his evil accomplice. Well, he actually he was quite depressed, but I liked him more.

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The Dowager Countess has a Russian Boyfriend: I loved this plot line. The Dowager has a scandalous past in which she nearly left Lord Crawley for a Russian Prince. When he returns to England, to my dismay, they don’t rekindle their romance. But he tries to, which is fun.

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Carson Proposes to Mrs. Hughes!! Literal squealing. The two high-ranking leaders of the downstairs staff get married because clearly they loved each other this entire time, and they deserve utter happiness. 

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Rose Gets Married: As weddings go, Rose’s was surprising dull, but the drama behind the scenes was quite exciting. After her mother concocts a scheme involving her daughter’s fiance and a prostitute to stop the wedding because he’s Jewish, Rose marries Atticus anyways.

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Lady Isobel Finally Agrees to Marry Lord Merton: After refusing him every single time he adorably asked her to let him love her, Isobel finally agrees because his children are crazy and tried to lock him in his room and wait until he died of pernicious anemia, which it turns out he doesn’t actually have.

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Poor Edith Finally Stops Being Pathetic: I was never a fan of the middle Crawley daughter. She was insufferably and eternally whiney. Of course, my favorite character is Lady Mary, which is an opinion not shared by many. In the sixth season, Edith marries a sensitive Marquess named Bertie who accepts that she has birthed a dead man’s child and taken her in under the guise that the child actually isn’t hers. At the end, Edith is happily married with her child. Hopefully we’ll see less whining in the film. Fingers crossed.

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The Bates Also Stop Being Pathetic: I was a huge fan of the Bates couple in the beginning and then it got depressing. First, he was in jail for being falsely accused of murdering his first wife. Then, Anna was falsely accused of murdering her rapist, when actually everyone thought her husband did murder the guy. However, in the sixth season, Anna gets pregnant and the Bates couple have a healthy baby boy! 

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