The Best of Kate McKinnon

While SNL is overflowing with talented cast members, Kate McKinnon truly outshines them all. A goddamn national treasure, her acting surpasses the limits of gender, age, and even species. In these dark times, it’s important to remember what brings you joy in order to survive this mess. Some people turn to ice cream, while others may turn to alcohol. I, on the other hand, turn to Kate McKinnon.





While these non-human characters may be a rare occurrence in Kate McKinnon’s repertoire, I could watch her in a full Broadway version of this Les Mis inspired skit.


Justin Bieber


After playing Justin Bieber in this fake Calvin Klein ad, I think she should just always replace Justin Bieber in commercials.


Lindsey Graham


Honestly, this is the only thing that could make me laugh during this entire debacle.


Kellyanne Conway


Also, let’s never forget her as Pennywise (aka Kellywise).  


Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Can she teach me those moves? Please?


Rudy Giuliani

I’m no expert, but I’d much rather have Kate McKinnon as my lawyer over Giuliani any day.


Hillary Clinton

Think about all the quality content we would have if Hillary won! I will never forgive Trump supporters for this.


Jeff Sessions

I guess this is another example of her slaying as another species. I mean, are elves human? Let me know.