The Best Fall Foods and Drinks

Fall is here! The leaves are changing, and with that comes a variety of fall-themed foods and beverages. To completely embrace the fall spirit, try all of these fall-themed foods and drinks:

1) Pumpkin Spice Latte

This is a classic fall beverage, topped with whipped cream and pumpkin pie spice; this drink will help you get into the pumpkin-carving mindset of halloween, while keeping warm in the cold weather.

pumpkin spice psl GIF2) Apple Pie

With apple-picking season in full swing, apple pie (homemade is the best) is a great fall delicacy. Pair it warmed with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, and your taste buds will thank you.

 food sweet america apple chef GIF3) Apple Cider and Apple Cider Donuts

Keeping with the theme of apples, apple cider (either warm or cold) is a great fall drink--at orchards where it is fresh, such as nearby Eckert’s, you’ll get the highest quality. Apple cider donuts take this drink and form it into a delicious, sugary food; dunk the apple cider donuts into the cider to get an explosion of fall.

homer simpson todd flanders GIF4) Pumpkin Pie and/or Pancakes

The cinnamon-y, delicious pumpkin taste from a pumpkin spice latte can be carried over into pie and pancakes for great breakfasts and desserts! Who knew pumpkins could be so delicious and useful?

Pumpkin Pie GIF5) Pecan Pie

Just like the gif above says, it’s easy to eat a whole pecan pie by yourself. The delicacy with its use of molasses and its sugary buttery filling topped with sweet pecans makes your mouth water with its mere description.

one direction television GIF6) Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes have so many uses; they can be mashed, sliced, diced, and even put in casserole topped with marshmallows to make the vegetable even sweeter than its name denotes. Embrace your inner sweet tooth with this delicious fall treat; it won’t even feel like you’re eating a vegetable.

sweet potato casserole GIF by gifnews7) Caramel Apples

Last but not least, the final, but arguably best, apple-related fall treat. Apples are delicious in themselves, but when you take them and dip them in the delicious sugar that is caramel, they are on a whole new level. Put them on a stick so they’re easy to eat and top them with other candies; you have redefined the fruit.

Baking Angelina Jolie GIFThe takeaway from this is that the best part about fall is clearly the seasonal foods and drinks.pie GIF by PusheenBy Jess Greene