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Best Christmas Movies

Christmastime may officially be over, but are Christmas movies really ever out of season. Instead of studying for finals, like I should have been, I was watching bad Christmas movies with my suitemate. I consider myself some type of expert on bad Christmas movies, but these are the five best.

5. A Christmas Prince

And no, we were not one of the 53 people who watched it everyday for 18 days (though I can’t blame you if you did)

4. A Christmas Kiss 2 

Good, but not as good as the first one. Also, a few plot holes but I loved how they brought back some actors from the first movie.

3. A Christmas Kiss

I’m sorry, but how can you not remember what someone looks like after you kiss them (it was not dark)....that masquerade mask did not mask anything. 

2. Merry Kissmas

Who doesn’t love a third movie about an elevator kiss? Also tbt to Noel Kahn and Pretty Little Liars.

1. The Spirit of Christmas 


Honestly, it was just good.

By Anastasia Kadiyala



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