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The Best of Chandler Bing

Chandler is by far my favorite character from Friends...ok so maybe it's Rachel and maybe Chandler isn't totally next in line, but he definitely has the best one-liners of any character on the show.

When he accurately expressed how you feel when you’re watching Friends on Netflix on a Saturday night instead of going out:

"I am not BLAH! I am a hoot!"

When he discovered a way to justify that pint of Ben and Jerry’s that you just ate:

"I'm full, yet I know if I stop eating this, I'll regret it."

When he perfectly described how it feels when you continue to say the wrong thing:

"Dear God this parachute is a knapsack!"

When he knew exactly how you wanted to spend your Sunday:

"It's Sunday. I don't move on Sundays."

When he communicated your feelings at every frat party ever out loud:

"I'm hopeless and awkward and desperate for love!"

When he figured out the best way to avoid your crazy ex:

"One ticket to Yemen, please!"

When he messed up just as badly as you do around your crush:

"On second thought, gum would be perfection."

When he gave us the perfect sarcastic answer to “guess what?” (and it wasn't chicken butt):

"The fifth dentist caved and now they're all recommending Trident?" 

When he expressed the pain we all feel when we don’t have our morning coffee:

"I say more dumb things before 9AM than most people say all day!"

And finally...when he owned up to his “name”:

"Actually, it's Miss Chanandler Bong!"



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