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Tired of everything you eat from BD? Here are some tricks to spice up your meals!

  • Ask for an over easy egg at the egg station (or any way you like it) and put it in your stir fry! If you get the stir fry with rice, it almost tastes like fried rice!
  • Need a healthy alternative to the chicken sandwich or hamburger? Ask for 2 pieces of grilled chicken with no bun from the grill station. Then check off onions and write “grilled” for some grilled onions on the side!
  • Not satisfied with your paws and go salad? Get the grilled chicken from the grill and put it in your salad instead of the chicken from the salad bar
  • Don’t want soda but want something more flavorful than water? Ask for lemons from cherry tree to have some refreshing lemon water (it’s free)!
  • Last but not least, if the pasta bar runs out of cheese and you’re too lazy to wait for more, check the pizza station


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