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Back to School Survival Kit


As if we needed another reason to love running the Her Campus Wash U chapter, HC Nationals and its sponsors have outdone themselves once again by surprising us with a Back to School Survival Kit! We were so excited to get such cool (free) stuff that we couldn’t keep it to ourselves! No seriously, we have so many energy drinks right now – let us know if you want some…

1. Neuro SONIC not only tastes great – it helps increase alertness, maintain energy, and support mental performance. It’s perfect for that late night study session in Olin or that downtime after dinner on Friday when you don’t have time to nap but need a pick-me-up before getting dressed up and hitting the Loop bars.

2. Busy collegiettes on-the-go are always looking for easy and nutritious snacks, so you can imagine how happy we were to open our care package and find generous supply of mini white chocolate macadamia LUNA bars. LUNA offers a ton of different delicious flavors so you don’t have to sacrifice healthy choices for delicious ones while powering through a long day of classes.

3. Poppin school supplies (Poppin’s the name of the brand…but yeah you could also describe its notebooks and pens as poppin…) prove that studying doesn’t have to be boring! These aren’t your typical office supplies – Poppin sells work life products that help you get everything done in style. 


4. Last but not least, Chipotle sent us a Buy-One-Get-One Free Card so the two of us Campus Correspondents can enjoy a romantic (and professional) burrito date! But don’t be too jealous – you can text DORM to 888222 to win a catered dorm party for 40! Just don’t forget to invite us…

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% from Her Campus.

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