Avocado Toast in STL

If there’s avocado toast at brunch, I will get it.

Here’s a review of some of the avocado toasts I’ve tried in St. Louis.


Half and Half

  • The avocado toast is an appetizer here, so I typically order 2 portions
  • The avocado is very creamy and is topped with feta and a lime on the side
  • I don’t like feta, but they put so little that it actually adds a nice flavor

First Watch

  • I love the avocado toast here – it’s very lemony and the avocado is chunky rather than completely smoothed out
  • Perfect with a side of eggs

City Coffee House and Creperie

  • Not your typical thing to get here, but it’s a great thing to share on the side with friends
  • It comes with tomatoes, mozzarella, and balsamic, giving it extra flavor and making it more filling


  • People love the avocado toast here, but since I don’t like hot sauce or feta, it’s not the best toast I’ve ever had.
  • However, it’s still pretty good plain with eggs and you can walk from campus.

THE Bear’s Den

  • I ate this everyday freshman year, and it usually did the job as long as the toast was toasted enough


Enjoy your avocado toast adventures!