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Art is catharsis; creativity, empowerment. I’ve always loved the intellectual freedom that art guarantees--although “artist’s block” (like “writer’s block") can feel absolutely impossible to surmount, there is a certain peace in knowing that art does not have to necessarily feel “beautiful” to you. It may require prolonged planning...or momentary spontaneity; direction...or wandering; cohesion...or chaos. Art is ruled by...well, the opposite of rules. Or rather, it’s ruled by your mind’s eye.

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Over quarantine, I’ve doodled on countless notecards (since I haven’t drawn in a long time, I’ve found it much less daunting to start small and maybe one day, work up to an 8’x10’ canvas). I’ve found inspiration from my favorite artists on Instagram and Tiktok and from countless pinterest boards and fashion moguls. Whenever you may feel an onset of “___’s block”, try to exercise artistic creativity--you might just end up feeling recharged and redirected!


Addie Li

Wash U '24

currently obsessed with tie-dye
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