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Annie Yaris 2020

This week’s campus cutie is Annie Yaris!!! Your local do-gooder, planet saver, grade A friend, Annie is a great person to get to know. 




What’s your major? Environmental Policy

Where are you from? Maplewood, NJ

Favorite store to shop at? I love Reformation and ASOS

What are you looking forward to the most right now? Spring Break!!! Going to NOLA for my sister’s bachelorette party

If you could go to any concert, who would you see (can be living or dead)? The Beatles, without hesitation

Dogs or Cats? Dogs
Favorite WashU study spot? Gaylord music library, but don’t go there bc it’s mine

Desert island movie choice? 500 Days of Summer. Who doesn’t love Joseph Gordon Levitt???

What’s a fun fact about yourself? I became a vegetarian after watching the movie Racing Extinction

If you see her around campus make sure to say hi!

By Maia Sanders

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