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Anna Moros (2019)

For this week's campus celeb spot, I talked to Anna Moros, my friend, and roommate, from Boca Raton, Florida. She is interested in sustainable business so she’s double majoring in the School of Arts & Sciences and The Olin Business School. She is the newest member on the Washington University Net Impact executive board!!

(She loves animals.)

What is Net Impact? Net Impact is a sustainable business club.

What’s your position? I am the V.P. of events.

Why did you choose this position? I was nominated by the club and I accepted because I’m really interested in what the club does.


(She loves nature…a lot!)


(Blending right in with Mother Earth.)

What is your greatest accomplishment as a leader in the club? This position is new to me but we have three big events coming up. I’m also really looking forward to helping the club integrate a new major- sustainable business.

Is it difficult having so much responsibility? It’s a manageable amount of work because I enjoy the challenge.

What makes you best suited for this position? I love business, the environment, and love planning events.

Do you think of yourself as a leader? I think I’m a leader because I enjoy making my own decisions.

What has been the most difficult task you’ve had to do for this club? It is difficult planning events like dinners at Winslow's Home because I have to work with many other people to show them what our goals are.


(Spotted: just taking it all in.)


(Happy thanks to Anna!)

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