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7 Theme Parties You Have To Do At Least Once


The theme parties checklist that every girl should attend during her college career!

1. Toga



Just like Burt Reynolds, old classics never die. Toga parties have been around since the dawn of time and are an instant favorite. Cheers to Animal House which really set the bar for those crazy toga parties and helped put this theme in college party history. If there is one themed party to do in college, it’s this one.

One of the best things about this is that you only need a long, narrow piece of festive fabric (sheets are more expensive and really not the right size) plus some crumpled green leaves in your hair. Groundbreaking? Certainly not. Effective? Invariably. Wardrobe malfunctions? Ample.

2. ABC



As in, Anything But Clothes. Trash bags, caution tape, pizza boxes, flags, beer boxes, bubble wrap…Best Dressed get a T-shirt, but have to get home before putting it on.

Just beware: make sure you can secure a pinnie and shorts in the morning when you wake up in a frat house and feel less-than-enthused about trying to put that pile of yellow “CAUTION” tape back on. The Walk of Shame could be brutal.

3. Blacklight Party



This is when the frats have their pledges replace every light bulb in the house with an ultraviolet one and buy heaps of highlighters. Everyone rolls over to the party wearing white.  It’s an easy way for guys to write their numbers on girls’ backs or tell them they’re hot without actually having to say it. Yeah, this should be called the “toddlers party.” Seriously, after freshman year, guys should really have more game than that. Write/draw increasingly inappropriate things on people, turn the lights off, the black lights on, and the techno up. If the brothers care enough to extend the special effects to their beer pong game with clear, plastic cups and white ping-pong balls—they’ll glow best – you’re sure in for a good night. Just pretend not to notice the telltale stains streaked all over every piece of furniture in the house. Those UV rays pick up everything.

4. CEOs and Office Hoes



This theme, most often the idea of horny frat boys nationwide, plays on common sexual fantasies and is their way of inviting girls to, um, unbutton your shirts. Definitely go to one your freshman year because it’s fun and a great excuse to wear a black bra under a white button down. By senior year, your fratty friends would be way too close to the real world and wouldn’t want to put on Brooks Brothers suits since they’ll soon be wearing them everyday for the rest of their careers.

Pro tips: tight fitting corset, a tiny skirt, stockings and high heels. A skinny black tie would spice things up. Be as risqué as you are comfortable with.

5. Lingerie Party

Obviously, this one can be on the more revealing side too. But for those of us ever wanting to seek employment, these are the worst and most incriminating Facebook #muploads to have posted in cyberworld. Oh, and be careful of any unwanted slips—there’s a high chance of those happening when you’re wearing lacy, silky undergarments.

6. Anything for a Buck

Dish out some (preferably fake) $1 bills, and get everyone to start making propositions—the sexier, the better, whether it’s a dance or a body shot. Trust us, you might be surprised by what some people will do for a little Monopoly money, especially after a few drinks. Just make sure you control the amount of booze consumed to prevent the bad-decision ball rolling.

7. Seven Deadly Sins


On the top of everyone’s party checklist. Rock the party with your group of girlfriends looking like the best betches in town! If you want to get more creative than the girl who epitomized Lust/Envy with her neon bra, here’s a mini guide:

Pride: Paris Hilton-doppelgänger! Bonus points for your disproportionate Gucci sunglasses.

Sloth: Time for your Victoria’s Secret yoga pants to shine!

Greed: Wear something with lot$ of dollar signs!

Wrath: Devil horns

Gluttony: Because these tanks are our life mantra



Lace Nguyen is in her third year studying Comparative Literature at Washington University in St. Louis. While not entertaining college women with her wit and charm, she reads German novels and apologizes for how pretentious that sounds.
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