7 Nail Polish Colors to Celebrate Spring

Spring has sprung, and odds are you’ve been too busy (or lazy) to swap that dark blue nail polish that’s been chipping since you put it on for a lighter hue. Beg your cosmetically gifted roommate to do your nails in these hot new colors. 

1. Butter London- Trout Pout: Not quite coral, not quite pink, a perfect in between for spring activities. 

Sephora.com ($15)

2. Essie- Mojito Madness: Rumor has it green is the new big color for those of us who are adventurous enough to give it go. 

Ulta.com ($8.50)

3. Butter London- Kip: For the lavender-inclined who want to switch it up a bit and add a little periwinkle-blue to their lives

Butterlondon.com ($15)

4. OPI- This Color's Making Waves: Hailing from OPI's new Hawaii Collection, this opalescent teal polish is ideal if you're into blues. Not to mention, it'll shimmer when you're in the sun.

Ulta.com ($9.50)

5. Essie- Knockout Pout: You can never go wrong with a deep pink. Ever. 

Nordstrom.com ($8.50)

6. Butter London- Tiddly: What was that you were saying about orange being the new black?

Beauty.com ($15)

7. Butter London- Disco Biscuit: For the fashionistas who are not afraid to add a little hot pink glitter to their lives, Disco Biscuit is the perfect hue. 

Butterlondon.com ($15)


Article cover image via beautezine.com