7 Meals to Eat Before You Leave for Summer Break

If you haven’t already noticed from the Wash U Facebook group, people are running out of meal points and they're running out fast. So instead of using your money to buy more meal points to eat the same thing you eat every day of the year, try going off campus to eat at these great spots. Here is a list of the 7 most cliche (but also the best) places you must go to before you leave STL for summer break.

Winslow's Home: We all know Winslow's, and it's only a short mile away from school. All of the food is natural and fresh, and the best part? It’s on Bear Bucks! It is definitely a restaurant you want to check out before your four months away from campus.

Photo by Brittany Barnett

Kayak's Coffee & Provisions: Just a short walk away from main campus, Kayak's is a great place to take a short study break and get in a great meal while you're at it. Its cozy feel creates both a great way to relax after a stressful day or a studious environment to get some work done.

Photo by Casey Brooks

First Watch: While its name makes it sound like it could potentially be a bank, don’t be fooled. First Watch is a great brunch place located right in Clayton. The lines tend to be long so don’t forget to put yourself on the list in the No Wait app!

Photo by Leah Robinson

Companion Bakery: A somewhat underrated place, Companion Bakery has food that is worth going off campus for. The menu is incredible and it's great way to reward yourself after a week of hard work.

Photo by Amy Carton

Half & Half: As one of the most popular brunch places near school, Half & Half is a solid place to brunch after hours of studying and tests. And fun fact… it is now open for dinner as well!

Photo by Chloe Kruvant

Pastaria: An obvious choice, Pastaria is a must-have before heading home for summer. Who doesn’t love a restaurant that brings warm, freshly baked right to your table? Everything on the menu is delicious, but make sure to get the risotto balls as a starter. You won't regret it.

Photo via Pastaria

Seoul Taco: And last but not least, a gem located right on the Loop. Seoul Taco is 100% a place you'll want to get one of your last meals in St. Louis before heading out for the summer. It’s a great place to walk to take a study break or to simply pick up some great grub.

Photo via Seoul Taco


Good luck on finals everyone, and happy eating!