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6 Music Festival Essentials

Summer may be over, but festival season is not – especially if you’re going to Loufest next weekend! Held annually right in our beautiful backyard that is Forest Park, the lineup this year features artists that range from the Avett Brothers to Ludacris. Whether you’re most excited for Take Me to Church, Murder in the City, or Luda’s rap in Baby (how could you not be excited for it), here are some essentials and style tips that every girl needs for a great music festival experience.

1. Portable Charger 


It’s likely that your phone will die at some point during the muic festival, from taking pictures for the insta to frantically trying to find your friends. A portable charger is a must – this one, which Amazon sells for just $10, is sleek and adds over one whole charge to your iPhone.

2.  Flash Tattoos 


Nothing screams “music festival” quite like flash tattoos. These shiny, jewelry-like temporary tattoos come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. Stick them on your arm, wrist, ankle, tummy, chest, back, anywhere, really! Click here to check out the actual brand Flash Tattoos, which can be pricy but the quality, size, and variety may be worth it. For a cheaper alternative, check out these or these from Amazon and these from Claire’s. When applying, your skin should be clean and dry so make sure to put sunscreen or lotion on after tatting yourself up.

3. A Cute, Functional, Reliable Bag

There are many ways to approach the bag situation when going to music festivals. You want your bag to match your outfit and up its cuteness of course, but it needs to be comfortable and big enough to hold whatever you need to carry. Here are three of my top picks for bags: 

The Backpack

My personal favorite, wearing a backpack to a festival is both stylish and functional: you can simultaneously carry all your stuff while rocking out without having to worry about a bag jiggling by your side (plus, any backpack will feel light compared to one you carry with all your textbooks during the school year). Go with a black faux-leather backpack like this one from Forever 21. It even features two trendy fringe tassels. It’s big enough to comfortably fit your phone, wallet, food and drink, etc. If you’re looking for a brown bag, try this one from Forever 21. Also very cute, and it converts to a purse!


The Fanny Pack

If you’re planning on carrying just the essentials, the fanny pack is the way to go. And I mean if you’re gonna go with the fanny pack, why not go all out? This one is bright and festive, and here are some other fun options: with stereo! leather! patriotic! unicorns!

The Shoulder Bag

Perhaps not the most convenient, but you still can’t go wrong with a classic shoulder bag. This one from Brandy Melville has cute studs and is nice and compact. Also try this trendy fringe purse from Kohl’s to add a little something to your outfit.

4. Flower Crown

Flower crowns: another essential for music festivals. Instantly achieve that boho look by throwing on one of these cute flower crowns. Urban Outfitters has cute and affordable crowns, or alternatively, get crafty and DIY your own flower crown!


5. Fisheye Camera


Take some truly sick photos using a fisheye lens. This one is only $8 from Amazon, and is super easy to use. 

6. Sets

Matching sets are all the rage! Rock some funky prints or trendy tassels in these comfy outfit options. Find it here from Missguided, and check out these other cute ones too: sunflowers! crochet! paisley!


Hopefully this list gave you a couple ideas of how to kill it at whatever music festival you’re planning on going to.