6 Costumes Perfect For Any WashU Student

1. Half & Half

This one is perfect for two foodies. One dresses up as fries and the other as a chicken finger. Bonus points if you figure out how to incorporate the to-go box. You can even add more people by having multiple fries or nuggets…or adding some ketchup or honey mustard.


2. Blaine, the security guard in BD

Nicest security guard there is- who wouldn’t want to be him for a night?

3. Bears

If you are feeling super school spirited this halloween, why not dress up as our very own mascot? Buy a bear costume and throw on a WashU hat and/or shirt and you are good to go!


4. The different Res. College Mascots

Get 9 other friends to join you in the funkiest group of costumes ever. You and your friends can dress up as the ten different Res. College Mascots: HIG Dragon, Lee Beaumont Giraffe, Liggett/Koenig Lion, Park/Mudd Pirates, Brookings King, RUSoFo Umbrella Whale, JKL Elephant, Thomas Eliot Gator, Wayman Crow Crow and the WGE Walrus.

5. John Olin

John Olin was a very bright man who donated the money that allows us to have our amazing Olin library. Be him for the night and see what it's like to be such a big man on campus.

6. Chancellor Wrighton