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5 Ways to Spice Up Your STL Summer

Yes, we do live in St. Louis for the majority of the year, but how many times have you actually followed through with your plans to explore the city? If you’re staying here for a summer internship, job, or research position you’ll finally have some of that free time we all desire throughout the year. Put it to good use by crossing off some of your St. Louis bucket list items and adding some new experiences to your college career.  Although we all love a good night out at Three Kings or the Goji Bowl at Seoul Taco, the city has more to bring us than just the Delmar loop. Here are some ways to spice up your summer through some new music, good eats, and summer vibes.

1. Go to Bump ‘n’ Hustle at 2847 Cherokee St.This elusive party only occurs every third Saturday of the month so plan ahead to be in attendance. Bringing you the best of funk, soul, disco, hip-hop and more, Bump ‘n’ Hustle will keep your ears happy and your body dancing. The event costs $5 and is perfect for you, some friends, and a summer night

2. Change up your eating habits at Frida’s Deli at 622 N. and South Rd.Visit Frida’s for some of the city’s healthiest eats that are delicious and not going to break the bank. Frida’s boasts an extensive menu of vegetarian treats and can cater to those of you who are gluten or soy free. Even if you’re an avid meat lover, you’re bound to find something you like at this deli spot and the wait staff is great for recommendations. Check out their smoothies, especially the Fountain of Youth or the Energizer. Most meals are around $8.

3. Buy tickets to a show at 2720 Cherokee St.This venue and preforming arts center is not only an awesome art gallery but also brings a wide variety of dj’s and artists to St. Louis. The shows range from funky African beat dj’s to electronic hip-hop fusion performers. Here you will find a crowd that’s not just Wash U students, but rather an eclectic mix of St. Louis locals. Tickets are mostly $10 and make sure to check out the calendar often as they’re always adding new events.

4. Grab friends and spend your night with the STL Bar CycleBar crawls are easy ways to check out some new places. Maybe you’ve done one before, but you probably haven’t done one on a bike. STL Bar Cycle will take you and 15 of your friends on a pub-crawl in the Soulard area. If you’ve only visited Soulard for Mardi Gras, this neighborhood has plenty of nightlife to offer and the Bar Cycle is a great way to bring you and your friends around. The cost is $25 per seat and reservations can be made online.

5. Spend a whole day at the new Ball Park Village and/or see a Cardinals game at 601 Clark Ave.We’re very proud of our Cardinals and a summertime baseball game is the perfect way to celebrate a St. Louis summer. Grab some cheap tickets to the game and afterwards hit up Ball Park Village, the newest addition to the downtown scene. This structure is filled with bars and restaurants and is destined to become one of the best spots for St. Louis nightlife. Cheap tickets for a Cardinals game are around $20 and drink specials in Ball Park Village vary.

6. Plan that trip to the Ozarks you’ve always wanted to do.Okay, so this suggestion isn’t quite in St. Louis but how many times have you asked your friends, “Can we go camping this weekend?” Summer is the best time for multiple reasons: great weather, free time and a stress-free environment. Spend the weekend hiking, relaxing, and stargazing. There are canoe rentals and horseback riding options available as well. You’ll need a car, a tent, and some sleeping bags to make the 90-minute trip to campsites. Depending on which amenities you desire, campsites range from $14 for electricity and free for no amenities! 

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