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5 Ways to Spice Up Your Chocolate Chip Cookie!

One of the things I miss most about being home is baking cookies. I bake cookies at least once a week and can whip up a batch of cookies in less than twenty minutes. I use the standard Nestle Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe with one twist: instead of using butter, I use butter flavored Crisco. I know it sounds weird, but I promise it makes the cookies so much better!

Here are five ways I like to spice up my average chocolate chip cookie:

  1. AndesCrème de Menth Mint Flavored Cookie: You can find Andes Crème de Menth baking chips at most grocery stores near the regular chocolate chips. Add these to your cookies instead of (or with!) regular chocolate chips to add a minty flavor to your cookies. The cookies are seriously addicting!
  2. Peanut Butter-Chocolate Flavored Cookie: Add peanut butter chips to your chocolate chip cookies to make a peanut butter-chocolate flavored chocolate chip cookie. To take it up a notch, add mini resees cups or resees pieces for an extra-peanut buttery dessert!
  3. Oreo-Flavored Chocolate Chip Cookie: One of my favorite ways to spice up the standard chocolate chip cookie is to add smashed Oreos. Put Oreos in a Ziploc bag, smash them, then add them to the dough. These cookies are amazing!
  4. Oatmeal Scotchies: Oatmeal Scotchies were a staple for me growing up, so I was surprised to learn that a lot of my friends have never had them before. Instead of using chocolate chips, add butterscotch chips and oats to your base cookie dough for a really delicious cookie.
  5. Birthday Cake-Flavored Chocolate Chip Cookie: Make a birthday-cake flavored cookie by adding white chocolate chips and rainbow sprinkles to the dough. I highly recommend this recipe for when you are having a bad day.

This is only the tip of the iceberg for what you can do to make your average chocolate chip cookie even better, but I hope you try out these ideas and enjoy!

Lydia Sidrys

Wash U '24

Hi! I am a first-year at WashU from Chicago and am interested in studying International and Area Studies!
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