5 WashU-Inspired Halloween Costumes for You and Your Roommate(s)

We've got you covered 

Desperately pinterest-ing costume ideas ~2 hours~ before going out season is creeping up! Sexy cats are so last year so hop on the latest Halloween trends that will be sure to impress at least one person in your Chemistry lecture.  

1. The DUC

I mean, this one’s a showstopper. Brownie points for having enough friends to spell out the Danforth University Center.  

2. Airpods

Couldn’t walk to class without ‘em. Throw in the case for a fourth suitemate!!! Materials: cardstock paper, tape, and sick tunes. 

3. The Arch

If you have yet to bond with your roommate, you will now. Fun fact: the St. Louis Arch is as tall as it is wide. Do with that what you will. 

4. The Swamp


5. Bird Scooter

Be what you love<3 


By Elisa Pappagallo