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  1. Know the guidelines. Check the syllabus or course messages to figure out exactly what you can use. I was surprised to find some of my quizzes are open-note and open-Internet! But be wary that some professors tend to put stricter time limits when they let you use more resources. Make sure you know exactly how long you have before you press start so you can pace yourself.
  2. Be organized. If you do get to use notes, have them ready, and know where to flip to find specific topics. I find it useful to section off my notes by unit and have them in order. If there were diagrams or websites you constantly referenced when doing the homework, it might save you some time to have them pulled up on your laptop before starting the quiz. Even if you can’t use notes, make sure to have everything you need (paper, calculator, a clear workspace) so you don’t have to scramble to get things together.
  3. Study. Sometimes online quizzes can feel less stressful if they’re taken from the comfort of your dorm, but make sure you’re still as prepared as you would be if they were in person. Especially if they’re open-note, it can be tempting to rely on finding the answers once you start, but you might not have the time or know where to look if you didn’t review the material.
  4. Remember to take them! Whether quizzes have to be taken at a specific time or are open during a time period, it can be hard to keep track of them all. Set up a regular time that you’ll do your quizzes and build them into your schedule so they become part of your routine. I’ve also found it helpful to set reminders before they start or before the time period will close, just in case I forget completely.
  5. Customize your quiz-taking experience. There are some advantages to online quizzes! Since you’re in your own space, you can get creative. I like playing soft music to help me focus, and I always have my water bottle nearby. If you don’t have to write anything by hand, you can take it wherever you want—your bed, in a hammock, or on the grass. As long as you’re not distracted, being in a comfortable environment can help you do even better!
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