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5 Study Tips to Start Your Semester Off Right

Exams are here and let’s be honest, all you’re probably thinking about is that one exam you’re positive you’re going to bomb. Listed below are five things to keep in mind for this semester and beyond when it comes to making the grade.

1. Find Your “Spot”…

When it comes to more stressful exams and projects, your dorm might not cut it when it comes to the level of focus you’re trying to achieve. If that’s the case, find a place, any place, that can become your “spot;” a place you know you will focus in and that you’ll have all the resources (books, caffeine, etc.) to get the work done! Just make sure it’s not too comfortable!

2. Rewrite Notes!

This one is a little tedious but has been scientifically proven to show results! If your notes from class are a little sloppy, or you’re having some trouble processing the information in front of you, take the time to write your notes out on a clean piece of paper. More often than not, things will look a little easier to manage when they’re written out nice and neat, and the more you pay attention to what you’re writing, the more likely you are to remember it!

3. Invite your friends!

If you and your group are in some of the same classes, forming a study group is a great way to stay close despite your busy schedules!. And if you don’t share classes with your friends, it’s a great way to meet people who might share similar interests or goals! Either way, you’re spending time with people who may be more well versed in a subject than you are, and with a collaborative effort, you’ll always learn something new or get the job done. Plus, bonding through mutual suffering!

4. Don’t Cram!

As tempting as it is to wait for the night before, cramming is only going to stress you out even more when it comes to knowing all you need to know. Take some time days, maybe even weeks before your exam to study a little bit every day, each day building on the next. That way, when it’s the night before the exam, all you need to do is review a little bit before being able to…

5. Relax!

The night before, review, stay positive, and go to bed early! You’ve done everything you can up to this point, why stress about it anymore? When it’s finally time, reassure yourself that whatever is going to happen is going to happen and all you can do is try your best, which, of course, you will!


Wishing everyone lots of luck this semester! You got this!


By Marisa Daddazio

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