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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Wash U chapter.

I have always struggled to study while by myself, especially alone in my room. Personally, I find studying around people helpful as it inspires me to be more productive. However, COVID makes that a challenge as all the libraries and many buildings have been closed, creating a shortage of study spots! Here are some places that I have found helpful this semester so far, so I hope this helps you!


  1. The Duc


While last year I often dismissed the DUC for studying because it was too loud and distracting, this semester with less people on campus I have found it a great place! Not only are there the tables and chairs downstairs where you can study with friends, but the comfy chairs upstairs are a good spot as well. If you really need to grind with minimal distractions, you can book a study cubby in the fun room and the formal lounge. 



  1. Bauer Hall


Even though Bauer Hall sadly doesn’t have the Starbucks or their dining hall open this semester, it is still a great place to study. Between the tables near the entrance and the big red chairs spread throughout the building, you are guaranteed to have a spot. 



  1. BD/Village Dining


     Although all the dining halls now have tables split up by plexiglass, they still provide a great place to study where you can have fun breaks running into people you know. Doesn’t hurt that a study snack is just a 30 second walk away as well .


  1. Whispers


Even though Olin has been redesigned using study cubbies, I have found Whispers a comforting place to study because it semi-resembles the normalcy from last year. While you do have to reserve a cubby there, they converted the booths into cubbies! As opposed to most years when the booths are full 24/7, now you can reserve online. I have found these booths to be my favorite place to do work this semester not only because they are comfortable and I have a ton of space for my stuff, but because they resemble a pre-pandemic normalcy. 


  1. Weil Hall


If you find yourself on the East End, Weil Hall provides a fun space to study in. Not only are there tables and chairs on the first floor, but if you go upstairs you can study at tables right in front of WashU’s plant wall!


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