5 Side Hustles You Can Take on This Fall

Is anyone else’s bank account taking a hit from the online shopping addiction they spent all summer feeding? If you are anything like me, you might want to check some of these easy ways to make a little extra cash this fall and refill your wallet.


Virtual tutoring

With the school year underway and classes moving online for schools all across the country, there are tons of students looking for help completing assignments and learning concepts! You can apply through an organization like Varsity Tutors to randomly be paired with a middle or high school student struggling in your favorite subject, or do some one-on-one work with a fellow college student who is willing to pay for your time. Doing this will help keep your brain active and fill your wallet at the same time: talk about a win-win! 


Zoom class monitoring

This position is being offered across the different schools at Wash U and requires in-person work, but pays very well and gives you a chance to attend and record classes so that virtual students can get the information. If you are interested in securing one of these positions, you can reach out to one of the Deans or check your school email account (they have been sending mass emails to students with openings and descriptions of the positions!) They are filling up fast, so if you are interested be sure to check this out ASAP.


Selling your old clothes

Out with the old, in with the new! Replace those old outfits that you never wear and save up for some fun fall pieces you have been eyeing by selling things on Poshmark or Facebook Market. You may not be able to get the clothes’ full worth back, but it is a great way to open up some space in your closet and make extra cash.


Join a Survey Site

Apparently, there are websites out there that you can register with and get paid to take surveys… and it’s totally awesome! They usually take less than 5 minutes to complete, and once you have earned a balance on your account you can transfer the money straight into your bank account. Survey Junkie is my personal recommendation, but there are tons of other sites that offer this service as well. It might seem like a small amount of money, but it adds up quickly!


Walk Dogs

The weather is finally starting to change, and it is the perfect time to take long walks outside and enjoy the fall leaves. By downloading the Rover app and registering as a dog walker, you can get paid to play with puppies and take them on those walks with you! This one is guaranteed to put a smile on your face, which makes the fact that you are technically working even better.