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5 Reasons Why Wash U is the Comfiest College on the Planet


The freshman fifteen starts to look like the freshman 50 because of all the scrumptious food at Wash U…from our omelet bar and never ending brunch on the weekends, to the amazing salads and paninis at places like the Law Cafe and Holmes Lounge. Lets not forget the actual restaurant on campus, “Ibbys,” that has the best gnocchi I’ve ever tasted and serves plates like avocado toast and fried calamari steps away from your classroom. The froyo machine that seems to be open 24 hrs a day at Paws and Go makes getting a little midnight snack super easy, plus, getting a warm gooey grilled cheese at Bears Den is always a yummy option. The fact that I can get my soy iced lattés at any time of the day and pay with meal points makes my life so much better.


After you’re done stuffing your face with grilled cheese, stir fry, and crepes, you’re of course going to feel guilty about it. Don’t worry, though! The two gyms on campus, along with the plethora of workout classes offered on the South 40, help us college students turn that freshman 50 into more of a freshman 30. Some examples of the classes offered include barre, kickboxing, zumba, spinning, and yoga. Let’s not forget that all of this is FREE! Yeah you heard me; you don’t have to pay for any of the classes because they are free for students at Wash U! Oh, and when you’re feeling sore from your workouts or athletic practices, head on over and get a massage, because, yes, we have that too.  


One of the comfiest things about Wash U is the South 40, where many of the freshman and sophomores live. It reminds me of those mini fake cities they have at malls for small children, where you basically play grown-up and find everything you need to be one. You can manage to rarely ever leave, as it is ultra convenient to get everything you need like toiletries, tutors, even candy! At Cornerstone, a tutor center with people who can help you with almost any academic problem when you’re #strugglin, you can finish all your homework and study for your tests without stressing.The best thing about this is that the candy store is right next door, so when you’re done with all your work you can head on over and fill up a baggie with all the candy you want. You can also get all of your Wash U swag, shampoo, razors etc. at Bear Necessities and shortly, you’ll even be able to get your hair trimmed at the new “BearCuts,” opening soon!!!  


The neighborhood Wash U is located in, Clayton, has a comfy and homey atmosphere, with beautiful houses surrounding campus. Steps away from campus we have Forest Park, with SO much stuff to explore. It’s larger than Central Park and is way cleaner. It has the St.Louis Zoo, (P.S.: it’s also free), a golf course, and various museums. Going on long runs through Forest Park is a great way to calm down after a stressful day of school. “F.P.” is also an awesome place to bring a speaker and sit on a blanket with other Wash U students. By campus, we have The Loop: a trendy street with shops, restaurants and more! Students frequently go to The Loop for dinner or they attend concerts at The Pageant (a concert hall on The Loop) throughout the week. A lot of the stores and restaurants there accept Bear Bucks, which is extremely convenient. You are always sure to run into at least one person you know while on The Loop.


This, in my opinion, is the top reason why Wash U is the comfiest place to go for college. After visiting my friends at other universities, I realized nothing beats Wash U’s spacious dorm rooms with private bathrooms and ginormous closets. My current freshman dorm room has a bigger closet than the one I have at home. Its great not having to go down the hall to a communal bathroom in the middle of the night when you have to pee and the fact that we have housekeepers come in twice a week to clean our bathroom makes me feel like a queen every time. Every mattress at Wash U is tempurpedic, which makes sleeping every night a heavenly experience, and waking up every morning a very difficult task. Most of all, the dorm rooms make me feel like I’m truly at home. Nothing makes a place homier than comfort and Wash U makes sure you are living in the comfiest situation possible. People say moving away to college is difficult because you have to start doing stuff independently, but my dorm room makes me feel like I never left home!


Laura Palacino is a sophomore studying business at Wash U. Her hobbies include shopping, working out, eating and watching Netflix. Fun fact she has been to 35 concerts and has never seen the snow.
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