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5 Potential Spring Break Destinations

Spraaaaaang Break foreveeeeer!!! Even if James Franco isn’t involved in your epic spring break plans, you still need to get prepared for a well-deserved week off from school. Midterms are (kinda) done, essays are (somewhat) turned in, and it is time to relax.

1. Go somewhere warm: Mexico, Puerto Rico, even Cuba is now up for grabs. Get a nice tan (or burn) and escape from this below-freezing St. Louis weather.  Grab some friends and head south for some sunny fun.


2. Go somewhere snowy: If you like the cold, try Canada or somewhere just further up north or east to find the snow. St. Louis’s snow isn’t enough to build a snowman or even cancel class, so go somewhere else to find your Olaf. Sip your hot chocolate and go snowboarding.


3. Go home: You deserve some R&R, so go somewhere where there are people who love you. Just make sure to leave your room after a Netflix binge every once in a while.


4. Go abroad: Visit your friend across the world. Visit your big or your friends or your big’s friends! Leave this WUrld to see another. Bring back some fun souvenirs and a thick accent.


5. Stay in St. Louis: Eat all the Crushed Red you can with half of its customer base gone for the week. Or maybe try that new place you’ve been dying to go to. Catch a movie in the new comfy orange chairs. Explore Clayton. As a last resort, bundle up and trek to the Zoo! 


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