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5 Instagram Accounts You Can Spend Hours On

Sometimes, I come across Instagram accounts on my “explore page” that I cannot stop stalking. It can be so addicting to scroll through them that it takes me hours to realize the embarassing amount of time I've spent staring at my phone. Here are 5 of those Instagrams.

1. Brittany Wright, WRIGHTKITCHEN

Not only is this a food instagram - which instantly makes it appealing - but it is also a collection of the most aesthetically pleasing photos of food ever. The organization and color coordination is actually a work of art. This is a great food insta for perfectionists or anyone who wants something pretty on their feed.

2. Eric Landon, Tortus_copenhagen

Watching the videos of these pots being made is the most mesmerizing thing you’ll see all day. It’s actually so hard to stop watching and will make you want to take up pottery in your free time.

3. Amber Spiegel, SweetAmbs

Amber is a cookie decorating genius and also an artist in my books. Her videos are really satisfying to watch. The only problem is that these cookies are honestly too pretty to eat.

4. Dogsofinstagram

I obviously had to include a dog instagram on this list. All dog instagrams are cute and amazing, naturally, because dogs are cute and amazing, but this instagram is also beautifully curated with the most profesh looking dog pics in the game. They are also dressed up in hats, bow ties and sunglasses, sooo what more could you want?  

5. Surelysimplechallenge

These calligraphy videos are so addicting to watch and always turn out looking beautiful. It’s almost hypnotizing to watch them write so seamlessly. I tried to do this myself with a normal pen and it literally looked like a kindergartner trying to write in cursive, so I give these people a lot of credit. Their lettering skills are dope and it is not an easy task.

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