5 Instagram Accounts Every College Girl Must Follow

HUMOR: @fuckjerry /@beigecardigan /@thefatjewish

Looking for a daily dose of humor? Follow any or all of these 3 instas for some laughs.


CUTENESS: /@dailypawz

Beware: this account might make you want to go adopt 10 puppies. This Instagram is filled with adorable dogs of all breeds…you can’t go wrong here.

FOOD: /@freshman15

Who doesn’t want to see delicious food on your Instagram feed? Following this Insta is also a great way to find yummy foods at your college or college towns nearby!

FASHION: /@americanstyle

If putting together outfits in the morning is a struggle for you, this is a must follow. This insta has great outfit inspirations, store recommendations and more style related things!

HUMOR (video): /@funnyfailvideos

If pictures aren't enough, follow this account for some action. These videos never fail to make you both cringe and laugh hysterically at the same time.