5 Easy Ways to Stay Informed When You're Busy

No doubt you’ve heard the term “WashU Bubble” thrown around countless times while on campus, whether it be in casual conversation or from a professor or other adult. Not only is it important to physically get off campus and into the greater St. Louis area, but also that we stay informed with what’s happening politically and socially in our country and beyond. You probably aren’t down to read the newspaper every day or watch the daily news, so here are some quick, easy ways to help you stay informed.


1. Twitter

Yes, Twitter is prime for funny GIFs and Vines, but it’s also super helpful in staying up to date with what’s happening in the world. Follow @cnnbrk (CNN Breaking News) to be the first to know what’s going on. Other great sources include @TheWeek and @SpeedReads; these will give you a wider range of interesting articles, anything from the upcoming presidential debate to celebrities and pop culture.

2. Email

Go oldschool with this option. I get a super awesome daily email from The Week (a weekly news magazine) called “10 Things You Need To Know About Today.” It lists ten important events of the day in a concise, easy to read way. It takes me just a couple minutes to go through, and just like that, I know a bit about what’s going on in the world. Here is the link if you’re interested (highly recommended!!)

3. Facebook

Let’s be honest, you’re probably on Facebook as you’re “paying attention” during class. As you’ve probably noticed, Facebook has a cool feature called “Trending” that highlights important or interesting events throughout the world. As you can tell, there’s a whole range of topics. Click any one to visit an external news article and read more (definitely guilty of reading up on Justin Bieber etc.).

4. Snapchat

The new Snapchat special effects may be all the rage, but the “discover” feature is always there and very entertaining and informative. Just swipe left twice and boom, you have a whole array of fun, music-filled, animated reports on news, sports, pop culture, comedy, or fashion.

5. YouTube

If you’re more of a watcher/listener than a reader, then this one’s for you! CNN uploads videos by the hour, and MSNBC daily. Here is a cool link that shows a range of news and politics channels.


As citizens, and particularly college students, we have a responsibility to stay up to date with current events. It doesn’t require hours every day -- just a couple minutes will do it. An informed student body will continue to generate important dialogue on campus about issues that should be addressed. So, take 5 minutes out of your day to read or watch, and who knows, you might find an issue you’re particularly interested or passionate about!

feature photo courtesy of cbsnews.com