5 Activities for Fall Break in STL

Fall Break is kind of a rip-off. I mean, doesn’t everyone try their hardest to avoid scheduling Friday classes in the first place? Still, if you try to remain positive, it can be an ideal opportunity to get away or to unwind after a stressful week of midterms. If you’re staying in STL this weekend, try to put that extra day off to good use.  

1. Eat at a new restaurant: There’s nothing wrong with having your favorite food spots, but sometimes we get a little bit too comfortable. St. Louis is filled with cool restaurants that you’ve probably never even heard of. Skip another night of stir-fry in BD and venture to a place you’ve never tried before. Just a suggestion: try Farmhaus located on Ivanhoe Avenue in Lindenwood Park, around 20 minutes from campus. The menu features local, seasonal ingredients and it changes everyday. It's definitely a spot worth checking out.

A blackened fish dish from Farmhaus- courtesy of whiskeyandsoba.com

2. Go to a museum: Okay, okay. Before you skip over this one just hear me out. The St. Louis Art Museum is seriously impressive and a definite must-see before graduating (you can even have a picnic on Art Hill after). If you’re not into that, the City Museum is essentially just a giant jungle gym, so you definitely won’t feel like you’re cooped up in a boring old museum. 


3. Be outdoorsy: Apple and pumpkin picking is a great way to start getting into the fall spirit. There’s also a Harvest Festival on Sunday, October 19th in Laumeier Sculpture Park that celebrates the new season with food vendors, live music, crafts, and more.


4. Sample foods at the Soulard Farmer's MarketAny foodie will love this farmer's market, which features a ton of fresh treats ready to eat or bring home for later. Delicious mini donuts and uniquely flavored kettle corn are some of the highlights, but there are rows and rows of vendors to discover.


5. Head to Six Flags: What's better than an amusement park? A Halloween-themed amusement park. It may be a 40-minute trek to Six Flags, but Fright Fest is going on through the month of October and it's totally worth the drive. Get pumped for Halloween with the festive crowds, rides, and snacks (obviously). Who knows, you might even find some costume inspiration or some really cute boys (example below).



Article cover photo courtesy of mobar.org