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4 Nail Colors to Try This Fall

4 Nail Colors to Try This Fall

While it’s crazy to think how fast the semester has gone by, fall is in full swing. Starbucks hot cups are decked out in seasonal patterns, the sidewalks are littered with perfectly crunchy leaves, and plans for Thanksgiving break are being made. What better way to celebrate the fall season than trying out some bold new nail colors? While summer pinks and electric blues are always fun, fall is the time to bring out your darker side. These shades are perfect for pairing with leather, sweaters, and suede.

1. Wine

Wine-colored polishes are a great way to make your fingers pop. Dark purples are an instant classic and add an easy layer of sophistication to any outfit. Bonus points if you coordinate your wine to your polish shade.

Try: Essie Vintage Wine $0.99 at Ulta Beauty

2. Chocolate Brown

Earth tones are perfect for fall and extremely adaptable. Chocolate brown goes with almost everything and pairs perfectly with gold jewelry. This color looks incredibly smooth and chic.

Try: Laura Mercier Cocoa Suede $18 at Lord and Taylor

3. Grey

Grey has become one of the most popular neutrals in recent years, and it’s no secret why. This color is great because it has the versatility of a neutral and the pop of a lighter shade. It is the perfect medium between harsh black and blinding white. And if you’re pale like me, grey looks especially good because it makes you look less ghostly tanner.

Try: OPI Nein! Nein! Nein! Ok, Fine! $6.98 from beautyspin.com

4. Burnt Orange

If you’re craving a little more color in your wardrobe, look no further than a burnt orange nail shade. This color is perfectly seasonal and a perfect way to add a dash of color to dark fall shades. When looking for a color, make sure you purchase one with enough red in it, or you may end up having pumpkin fingers.

Try: Essie Meet Me At Sunset $8.59 from Target


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