4 Fun Things To Do on a Free Weekend in St.Louis

1. Go to the Zoo

Not only is the Zoo in St.Louis free, but it's one of the best zoos I've ever been to. There's a train you can take from exhibit to exhibit so you don't get tired walking and there is everything from lions to polar bears. Take advantage of the nice weather and make a day of it. Side note: zoo food is delicious.

2. Go to the mall  

The mall is always a fun thing to do when you don’t have to spend your Saturday locked away in Olin. They have food and shopping what else could you possibly ask for? The Galleria is really close to campus and they have amazing pretzels. Tired of shopping or broke? Watch a movie instead! The Galleria has a movie theater and its always showing great movies.

3. Go on a run through Forest Park

I know what you are thinking. Running? Me? I know running is not everyone's activity of choice, but running through Forest Park is actually really nice. When its nice out it’s a great scene for people watching and if you are too tired to run, walking is great also! You will feel super cool and athletic and it wont even feel like you worked out.  

4.  Walk through Central West end

Central West End is my favorite neighborhood in St.Louis. Its super cute and has plenty of restaurants and stores. I personally love to walk around and go to whole foods. I always end up feeling super hip and productive. Highly recommend.


By Laura Palacino