3 Things to do When Someone Visits

Ever wanted a high school Junior or Senior to come stay with you to see what it's like? To show them around and convince them why WashU is the greatest school ever and why they should apply early and come here? We all do!

Being this honorary mentor for a day is an exciting hypothetical until it happens. What in the world are you supposed to do with someone who can not leave your side for an entire 24 hours?!

Don’t panic!

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Here are 3 ideas about what to do:


1. Show them around campus

Although they have probably already have seen campus or will be going on a campus tour the next day, take them to all the important spots and places that should be highlighted. While it is unlikely you show them inside every building and classroom, show them things specific to your schedule so they get a feel for what you do around campus. Not only show them your dorm but also friends dorms which are different. Make sure they see both modern and traditional to know they have a chance of getting either.


2. Hang out with friends

Get some people together to just talk to. Walk around and find people you know, everyone has different insights about why they chose this school. It’s also just nice for them to meet your friends and get a feel for the people who go here. Although there may not be a party to take them to (depending on what day they come), a college party is a college party no matter where you go to school. A chill night in with close friends is usually way more fun anyway.


3. Take them to the loop

There are so many good restaurants to choose from and although we don't have an official college town, the loop does the job just fine. And of course, insomnia cookies. So close and convenient, I’d apply here for that alone (because let's face it who can resist cookies!)


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by Sarah Kazan