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3 Halloween Activities to Try in St. Louis

With Halloween just around the corner, what better way to get into the spirit than by joining in the local St. Louis festivities? Living in the middle of a metropolitan area means endless activities to try, so take advantage of them this Halloween! From traditional trick-or-treating to a visiting a spooky graveyard, the possibilities are endless.  Read on to hear our top three picks.

1. Scarefest Haunted Houses: Located in downtown St. Louis by Soulard Market, The Darkness, The Abyss, and Creepyworld are three terrifying haunted houses that are sure to give you your share of frights this Halloween. Filled with fog, monsters that will try to grab you, and eerie special effects, these houses will give you quite the thrill.  Buy tickets online here.


2. The Lemp Mansion: Built in 1868, Lemp Mansion was originally owned by William J. Lemp and his wife.  Wealthy brewers, the Lemps had great success until prohibition ran the company out of business.  Tragedy struck when William’s son Fredrick died under mysterious circumstances. Grieving the loss of his son, William shot himself in the bedroom of their home, and then William’s daughter Elsa committed suicide years later. The brewery was finally sold, and William’s son William Jr. shot himself as well.  The house has been featured on Ghost Hunters and many other paranormal shows. The Mansion is now a restaurant and inn, so find out for yourself if its haunted by eating a meal there, taking a tour, or even spending the night if you dare.


3.  Brookdale Farms Corn Maze: A classic fall activity, corn mazes are a blast (or a nightmare if you’re like me and are claustrophobic). Located just outside the city, Brookdale Farms’ Corn Maze is one of the largest in the St. Louis area. In addition to the maze, Brookdale has several other fall activities including a hay jump, pumpkin patch, and pony rides. Admission is just nine dollars for the included activities!


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