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10 Tips to Help You Survive this Winter

Hi, I’m back with another list of tips, this time how to stay warm. Being from Boston, I’ve experienced snow…and lots of it. Since St. Louis somehow got snow before Boston this year, I’m sharing my favorite tips and tricks to help you survive this winter. Whether it’s your first winter, or your 18th or 19th, they’re sure to help you.


1. Take Shortcuts

If you can, cut through the DUC or Mallinckrodt when walking from the south 40 to campus. That will put you directly in the middle of campus with easy access to all your classes.


2. Get a Blanket Scarf

If you’ve never heard of these, you’re missing out! A blanket scarf is exactly what it sounds like, a giant scarf that can double as a scarf to keep you warm while walking to class and a blanket to keep you warm when in class!


3. Fleece Lined Leggings

These are the definition of comfortable. You get the look and snug feel of leggings with the feeling of sweatpants. 


4. Thick/Fuzzy Socks

The first places you lose heat are through your extremities, think your hands, feet, and head. Keep your feet warm by wearing a pair of thick socks…even better if they’re fuzzy! 


5. Warm Your Shirt Up Before Putting Them On

In the dead of winter, when it’s freezing, it’s so hard to get out of your warm bed and put clothes on. To alleviate some of this pain, turn on your lamp, and lay your shirt over it. Don’t worry, it won’t start a fire, you’re only going to leave it there for a couple of minutes. Or, if you’re lucky enough to have a drier on your floor and want to pay the extra price, pop it in the drier for a few minutes. 


6. Take off Your Coat Once You Get Inside

I know it’s hard to take off your hat and jacket in a cold classroom, but doing so will allow your body to cool down so when you put your coat back on to go outside, your body hasn’t adapted to wearing the coat and it will actually keep you warm. 


7. Warm Drinks

This one is pretty self-explanatory, but if you’re looking to elevate your hot drink game, I’ve heard the almond hot chocolate (aka hot chocolate made with almond milk) from Whispers is AMAZING! I’ve also heard Whispers and Parkside make the strongest coffee if you need a pick me up. 


8. Hand Warmers

If you find your hands are still getting cold in your gloves/mittens, buy some hand warmers. They’re super easy to use and usually last up to 10 hours! When you’re in class, keep them in your gloves to keep them warm for the next trek outside OR put them in your coat pockets to warm your pockets, and you’ll have triple warming with your hand warmers, gloves, AND coat pockets. 


9. Heated Blankets

Not commonly known, they’re basically GIANT heating pads…life. changing. You can use it while you’re studying at your desk and/or while you’re sleeping. Using it at night will also lull you right to sleep. 


10. As a Last Resort…

You always have the option of sweatpants and a sweatshirt. You can never go wrong with that option.

MacKenzie Larkin is a freshman at WashU. She loves exploring new places and intends to study environmental engineering.
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