10 Instagram Accounts You Should Follow Immediately

I have recently been neglecting Facebook and turning to Instagram instead, and I am highly entertained by the stream of photos posted each day. Cultivating a list of accounts that are just the right combination of funny, scenic, and uplifting can be a difficult feat, but luckily I’ve already done it so that you don’t have to.

@thefatjewish: If you haven’t heard of The Fat Jewish by now, you’ve probably been hiding under a social media rock. His account is wildly inappropriate, but also amazingly hilarious. He posts things like memes, screenshots and funny tweets with honest, and sometimes aggressive captions that will have you laughing multiple times a day. 


@f**kjerry: If Instagram users formed relationships based on their content, f**kjerry would be thefatjew’s best friend. I’m a little bit partial to the Fat Jewish’s incredible caption game, but F**k Jerry has a hilarious library of ridiculous Internet photos. By the way, the stars are not included in the actual account name; fill in the blanks.

@betches: Anyone familiar with the popular blog, Betches Love This, should definitely follow their Instagram as well. The girls behind this franchise have amazing DGAF vibes. 

@25Park: 25 Park is a women’s fashion store located in New York, and while I’ve never actually been, the owner and person behind their Instagram account is truly one of a kind. Her travel, fashion, and quote posts are almost always accompanied by a paragraph long, hilarious description and tons of hashtags, of course.

@infatuation: With 171K followers, Infatuation is one of the leading food Instagram accounts. Their droolworthy pictures will keep you hungry in the best way possible, and they also coined the awesome hashtag #EEEEEATS. I’m still waiting for them to regram one of my own food photos… 

@girlwithnojob: Girl With No Job arrived on the scene a little bit after The Fat Jewish and F**k Jerry, but she’s surely catching up in popularity. Her posts offer a funny girl’s perspective on life, laziness, and of course having no job. 

@humansofny: Humans of New York is an incredibly inspirational account with top notch photography. While the title kind of gives it away, the account posts photos of individuals in New York with a brief bio on what makes that person special. Beware: some posts can be truly heart wrenching. 

@thecoveteur: The folks behind The Coveteur are ten times trendier than I’ll ever be, so I figure a little bit of fashion and beauty inspiration from them can’t hurt. They post behind-the-scenes footage of celebrities and fashionistas around the world. 

@buzzfeed: While we all know that Buzzfeed’s lists are some of the funniest things on the Internet, you might not know that their Instagram is pretty awesome too. When it comes to captions, they’ve got a gift. 

@travelandleisure: Every feed needs its dosage of pretty scenery, and Travel + Leisure does not disappoint. If their beautiful photos don’t make you want to travel the world, then nothing else will. 



Article cover image via nypost.com