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If you are like me and love finding ways to multitask without being too good at it or you enjoy listening to stories and learning about how others view the world when you are cooking or commuting, then a podcast might just be what you need. I stumbled onto the world of podcasts by chance. My phone had a Podcast app I had never used and one day, I opened the app out of curiosity. That was almost three years ago and back then, I would have never imagined that podcast would become an integral part of my life. 

The world of podcasts is vast- according to the latest data from Podcast Insights, there are forty-eight million episodes! Forty-eight million is a big enough number to give me major fomo and I have had my fair share of exploring the world of podcasts. I have binge listened to podcasts (yes, that’s a thing) and found excuses to vacuum my already clean apartment just to listen to another podcast;  and I have also come across podcasts that I have turned off after listening to them for a minute. I am no expert on Podcasts (in fact, very far from it) but I think I am ready to expose myself a little and share with the world what I currently enjoy listening to. 

1. Crime Junkie

Crime Junkie is what lured me into the world of podcasts but this podcast is not for the faint heart. Host Ashley Flowers and co-host Brits are best friends that are obsessed with true crime and share their obsession with their listeners in well-curated episodes that can be anywhere from forty-five minutes to ninety minutes. The episodes are full of suspense and every minute of the podcast is thrilling. One episode will have several cliffhangers and the hosts are excellent storytellers! They are so good that the only time I listen to their podcast is when I am at home with the knowledge that my front door, window, and gates are all locked. I once made the mistake of listening to the podcast while I was out shopping, and I had to go back home immediately because it felt like everyone was out to get me. The structure and style of this podcast is a work for genius and you HAVE to give this a try

2. Something Was Wrong 

Something Was Wrong is also another true-crime podcast but in this podcast, the story is narrated by the victim of the crime and others that are involved. The stories shared on this podcast are mainly about mental trauma that people have caused because of lies and manipulation.  The episodes for Something Was Wrong is short and one story has several episodes. These stories shared on the podcast are baffling and the podcast is absolutely binge-worthy.

3. The Seen and the Unseen 

I will now move away from the world of true crime and tell you about a podcast that is more academic. The Seen and the Unseen hosted by Amit Verma is a podcast on politics, economics, and behavioural science. Every episode brings in a new guest that Amit Verma converses with. The episodes of this podcast are around three hours long and therefore every episode does a deep dive into the topic chosen for the podcast. The podcast does focus mainly on Indian economics, politics, culture, personalities but even if you are unfamiliar with India,  there is still a lot you can learn from. The podcast also allows its listeners to really get to know the guest being interviewed and I enjoy listening to this podcast because Amit Verma and his guests are able to explain complex ideas without using a lot of gibberish. 

4. Machine Learning Guide 

When I am learning something new, I try to fully immerse myself in it by making small changes to the things that I consume on the internet and Machine Learning Guide was my friend when I was trying to learn about machine learning. This podcast is slightly more intense because it requires your full attention. However, the podcast does also come with a website that is filled with resources to further assist your learning so it’s easy to get back on track! 

5. MindShift 

One of the things that I like to think about is education so it is no surprise that I listen to a podcast that focuses on this topic. Mindshift is a podcast by KQED that talk about the future of education, innovations related to education, and also discuss extremely interesting topics like “Is It Ok for Teachers to Cry in Class?” I enjoy this podcast because their short episodes are extremely insightful and every episode always offers a new way to think about education and learning. The podcast also regularly interviews educators on their expertise and the podcast definitely is the Encylopedia that every educator should get hold of. 

6. You Can Sit With Us 

You Can Sit With Us is a podcast hosted by three friends who all meet because their husbands work together at Try Guys. The producer of their podcast usually joins them and the four ladies discuss everything ranging from pop culture to politics to finances. The four of them share such genuine friendship that listening to this podcast makes me feel like I am learning lessons from an older sister (or in this case four older sisters). You Can Sit With Us also upload videos of them recording the podcast so on days when I want something more visual, I can always watch them on Youtube. 

7. 10 Things That Scare Me 

10 Things That Scare Me is a podcast where people list ten things that they are scared about. The episodes are really short and they are perfect for when you are waiting in line at the grocery store or you are waiting to meet a friend. This podcast brings in a range of people and it’s always interesting to compare what people fear across age groups. I also find immense comfort in knowing that being scared is a shared experience, and in a twisted way, this podcast helps me ease the anxieties I have. 

Hello! I am Kitsho Wangchuk, and I am a junior at Waseda University. I am from Bhutan, and I hope to record my life experiences on this blog by writing about it for you.
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