Within a Limited Amount of Time

Useful terms to know before reading this article:

Sempai: a Japanese word referring to students who entered college (or elementary/secondary school) before some others

Kohai: a Japanese word referring to students who entered college (or elementary secondary school) after some others

Photo by Juan Ramos

It seems like I was a freshman yesterday! But believe it or not, it’s been a month since I became a senior! It’s now less than a year until my college graduation, and there are just so many tasks I need/want to do before then.

I’m mainly focusing on my graduation thesis this semester, and now I can truly understand that this type of essay is not that facile to write. I respect the sempais who spent quality time and effort in completing their graduation theses. Even for those who did not choose to write a thesis, I appreciate the hard work that they spent on writing numerous academic essays, which must have been difficult at times. Despite how thinking about my thesis makes me feel a little stressful at times, I’m excited to do more research on my topic, and to complete it within the next several months.

Since I have completed most of my credits for graduation, I have fewer classes now than any of the past semesters. This is grateful as it gives me more time to concentrate on my thesis. However, simultaneously, I need to focus on my internships, get ready for job interviews, and prepare for language proficiency exams (English and Spanish), and so on! As a student who is not too good at time management, juggling those tasks are difficult, but I’m trying my best right now. These days, I just realized how senior year is not a year to chill – or say, not a chill until the future (career, graduation school, etc.) is clearly determined. Senior year can be the most hectic year, depending on the individual.

Photo by Andrew Neel

Although this semester is busy for me in some ways – and it will be busier towards the end of the semester – I’ll never forget what the sempais taught me in the past three years. Throughout the sempais, I learned to try my best to find out the hidden skills that each kohai has, and let them know about it, as a way to support his/her future. I also learned the importance of giving courage to the kohais who are struggling with i.e. classes; by being friendly to them, they won’t hesitate to ask me any questions and/or advice, which in turn benefits them – for example, they can successfully receive the credits for the courses. There’s a lot more that I learned from the sempais, which I can’t finish writing about it within this article. But anyway, I would like to give special thanks to all of the sempais and everyone that I met throughout the last three years; in owing to each of them, I’m able to live the fulfilling moments as a senior today.

There are so many tasks that are waiting for me to complete within less than a year. I’m sure I can successfully finish everything I have to within a limited amount of time, as long as I keep in mind about what the sempais and everyone has taught me. After finishing my graduation thesis and finding a career, I would love to travel within Japan and overseas with my family and friends! I’m looking forward to the graduation trip!

By being a senior, I recognized how true it is that the time is so limited. Thus, every moment in our lives needs to be cherished. Every second in the past will never come back. So, let’s walk towards the future together with smiles!