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When Your Passion Becomes Passionless

We’ve had those times when we’ve achieved a feeling of greatness in a certain hobby, something that would excite us the most. The mere thought of being able to do it makes us shriek with glee, devoting time to it as if the world would collapse if even 10 minutes weren’t given to it. The feeling of being able to do it every single day is an opportunity we would exchange for anything in the world, appreciating every single detail of it and accepting its flaws and virtues. Yet somehow, as if in a split second, the world full of love and appreciation with it suddenly changes and we’re faced with this unlikeliness to do it again, with nothing to keep us going, as if the passion we had suddenly vanished.

Hero image appropriate for article on Unhealthy Relatioships - image of a question mark Photo by Emily Morter on Unsplash Everyone has had these moments, with no idea how to continue what they were passionate about. Whether the arts or the sciences, the same thing happens to the things we appreciated, falling into a hole deep within our consciousness never to be seen or heard of again. The years of interest with it suddenly don’t matter anymore and the time we’ve associated with it turns into a figure zero as if all those experiences weren’t given importance. The only thing that matters now is to continue surviving with something we’re currently undertaking; studying for classes with no interest, finishing a five to eight-hour work shift, or watching unlimited videos on stream, a cycle we would rather do than to waste time to something we wouldn’t benefit from. Passion itself isn’t something that would make us survive but something that hinders us from something greater, we think to ourselves, rather succumbing to the fate of authority and tradition of the society.

If we continue to have this thinking and continue these actions, would we succeed in a way we see ourselves to be in, or if we rephrase it, what other people see us be in?

What if, for some reason, we don’t have this thinking and we continue to have passion for something we love? Will we finally succeed in our owns eyes?

Despite this, we’re not ready to take a chance, we have to persevere with things that are out of our interest, to survive this world full of uncertainty, with no room for passion to answer our questions.

Yet somehow, one day, passion can make our lives, which is lacking with excitement, to live again. With each shot took with that camera, each stroke made on the canvas, each word typed on word, each step took in a routine, and each note reached in a song, we then question why we can’t give time for this anymore.

Somehow, it makes us think that maybe we should allot 10 minutes of our time again to this to give us a glimpse of happiness, an action we’re already limited to experience.

- E.S.