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Week in Review 6/8-6/14

Massacre in IraqMass execution of Iraqi soldiers took place on Sunday following the capture of cities and towns by terrorists of the Islamist State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS). The gruesome murder of 1700 soldiers is part of the larger war waged by the ISIS in the name of a Sunni cause to wrestle power back from the Shiites (no pun intended; it's pronounced shee-ahyts btw!). For more information on this extremist group, click here.

Tiananmen CrashThree men have been given the death penalty for their involvement over a fatal car crash in Tiananmen Square last October. The car charged into a group of tourists leaving 5 dead. 2 of the convicts appeared to be from the Muslim Uighur population. For more information on the separatist campaign of the Uighurs click here.

Doctor trainee, Miss England finalistA self-described feminist who believes that beauty could be used to do good. Find out how here.Pepper spray and shopliftingIn the USA, apparently all you need to shoplift successfully is innovation, a friend and pepper spray. First, take all you want from a store. Next, walk out. If an employee stops you, signal to your friend to excessively spray spicy capsicum and immobilize the employee. Dash for the exit and make your escape in a car. Remember to cover the license plate with a plastic bag. Tried and tested on Friday; proven to be successful.Check back next week for another week in review!

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