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Transitioning Your Wardrobe for the Fall and Winter

If you are anything like me, you’re the type of person that likes to find any excuse to shop for clothes. Whether it be a seasonal wardrobe change or a weekly ‘I feel like treating myself’ change, you find yourself itching to go to the next sale or checking out whatever new seasonal trend your favorite brands are campaigning for. As time progresses, you find yourself accumulating an absurd amount of clothes with no sense of cohesion or adaptability for the upcoming seasonal change. We end up buying way too many clothes and continue on this vicious cycle for lack of better repurposing.

As a college student, this habit of buying new clothes for new seasons can definitely hurt our bank accounts. With fall slowly morphing into winter, I’d like to introduce you to four wardrobe staples or transitional pieces you should keep in your closet that ensure future uses throughout the year. Just because they’re classics or staples doesn’t mean you can’t jazz them up and incorporate them into fancy outfits either! If anything, I’ve learned that the cooler weather makes it a lot easier for you to layer up your summer favorites with simple items such as turtlenecks, cute stockings, and scarves.

1. Sweater

Thin, loose sweaters can always be thrown on over shorts for those lazy, warmer days or worn over a tight turtleneck for that added cold weather protection. Wearing a print or colored sweater over a dress or funky bottoms can also take those casual, sweater weather outfits from casual to glam.

2. Slip Dress

On the first hand, this piece may seem like a sexy, sun-appropriate dress but this piece is probably the most versatile and my personal favorite. Pair it with a black turtle neck, textured tights, and a long coat for a fall-chic look, or tuck it into some damaged denim and haul a comfy cardigan over it to soften it into an everyday outfit.

3. Blazer

Whether you’re wearing it for an informal lunch or power-suiting up, you can never go wrong with a blazer. It can definitely be the key feature in your outfit. In the summer you can pair this with shorts and a crop top. Even if you own a more formal blazer, you can dress it down in leggings and a t-shirt and if that’s too chilly, you can wear a chunky sweater underneath instead.

4. Knit Skirts

I know when you first think of a knit skirt you might think of a grandma skirt, however, if you find one with just the right amount of knit, you can definitely go from wearing it with a bralette in mild weather to wearing it with a bomber jacket in the fall or winter. Pair it with chunky boots to make it more everyday friendly.

Next time you go shopping just ask yourself these three questions before making a purchase:

  • Can I wear this in both warm and cold weather?
  • Will this be a stand-alone piece?
  • Do I have more than five other pieces that can be matched with this?

Just by considering these questions, I am positive that you are already making safer shopping decisions that won’t break the bank. Beyond this, always remember to have fun with your clothes and keep in mind that you don’t necessarily need these pieces. You’d be surprised by how much you can do with your existing wardrobe if you stop being afraid of taking risks (or if you stop justifying meaningless purchases). I’ve definitely opened up to trying new ways of wearing old clothes and my wallet has been thanking me ever since.

An undergraduate student studying Global Governance. Loves socialising but is the biggest homebody as well. Likes fluffy things, ramen, and squeal-worthy animes.
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