Top 5 Things to Do for Summer Travel to Japan

Japan’s summer runs from June to mid-September. On average, it is usually hot and humid. The steaming air may make you feel wilted. However, summer in Japan is also the most vigorous time of the year, for there is a handful of activities to participate, sceneries to see, and events only available in summer. The following is a list of activities to uplift your spirit and show you how to make the most of the heat!  

  • Dance the Bon-Odori: Summer is the most festive time of the year in Japan. It is the season for shaved ice, bon odori (traditional Japanese dance), goldfish games and yukata. The best way to experience them all at once is by joining a matsuri (festival)! And how could a festival be interesting if there is no music and some dance? In Japan, Bon-Odori is indispensable! Bon-Odori is performed to welcome the spirits of the dead on Obon, a day to commemorate the death of one’s ancestors. It is a type of folk dance which people dance to the rhythm with a set of repeated arm and hand movements, steps, and claps. For certain Bon dances, they even incorporate fans and towels. You are more than welcome to join the dance if you can catch up with the rhythm!
  • Going to a Hanabi-Kai: Hanabi-Kai (fireworks festival) plays an essential role in Japanese summers. They are held between July and August, sometimes drawing hundreds of thousands of spectators! Tokyo’s Sumidagawa Fireworks is recognized as one of the most popular fireworks festival in Tokyo. Since it is located right in the middle of Tokyo, the sizable crowd it appeals to may lead to a shortage of good seats. So, come earlier to secure yourself a good spot to enjoy the fireworks dazzling the sky! Besides, getting dressed up in yukata is a popular choice for a festival.  Yukata are traditional Japanese garments. You can go to a yukata shop, pick put your outfit, learn how to dress in yukata. More importantly, take plenty of candid pictures to remember the night!  

  • Climb Mt. Fuji: Mt. Fuji, with a remarkable height of 3,778m, is the highest and the most prominent mountain in Japan. The official climbing season for Mt. Fuji starts from early July to mid-September. If you are looking forward to challenging yourself by conquering Mt. Fuji, summer is the only period that allows you to hike the mountain. Another good news is that along the hike, there are toilets, resting spots, and shops providing oxygen bottles, food, and water. Even if you don't have much hiking experience, you don’t have to fret much. Make tackling Mt. Fuji your lifelong memories!

  • Hit the beach: Hitting the beach is a must-do during summertime! The beaches in Shonan are recommended as they can be easily accessed from Tokyo. Shonan is also known as surfers’ paradise. From wind-surfing, regular surfing to SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard), you are able to try them all. Maybe you are a born natural! Additionally, if you can embrace the heat, why not go south to the most popular island of Japan, Okinawa! Okinawa owns the most stunning beaches and magnificent coral reefs and diverse sea creatures. Shimoda, Shizuoka Prefecture, Chirihama Beach, and Shirahama, Wakayama Prefecture are the best rate spots in Okinawa!

  • Go North-Hokkaido Lavender Season: The typical impression of Hokkaido may be a romantic snowy scene. However, summer is a fascinating time to visit Hokkaido as well. Fields of lavender captivate you as soon as you step in Furano and Biei. To experience the scent of lavender drifting in the breeze while having a taste of lavender flavor ice cream in mild weather, Hokkaido definitely deserves a spot in your itinerary!