Top 3 Drama or Films for 2018 Summer

As the summer season is quickly coming to an end, what is better than Netflix’ accompaniment while you stay in the coziest spot of your house? Enjoying the blue skies, bright beaches, and soothing ocean waves are synonymous with the summer, but it is also not bad to take a break and enjoy movies with your friends or alone sometimes. Here are the top 3 dramas or films that I recommend, before the imminent footsteps of 2018 autumn actually come.

1. Japanese Drama Good Doctor: best amalgam of solitude and tender hearts

After watching every episode of Good Doctor, I finally understood why Yamazaki Kento has so many fangirls. This is Kento-kun’s first time portraying an autistic doctor who is passionate about working as a pediatric surgeon, yet he is so adept at expressing the sensitive emotions and quavering gestures throughout this drama. As the protagonist, Kento-kun serves as the pivotal character that injects the meaning of solidarity to his other doctor colleagues and directors. This drama just ended during mid-September, so do not miss out.

Yamazaki Kento (middle), the protagonist of Good Doctor, joined by two other main casts Juri Ueno (left) and Naohito Fujiki (right).

2. Disney movie Coco: Mexican boy’s dilemma of filial piety and musical pursuit

This renowned 2017 Pixar film has acquired countless awards and accolades. Even though Disney fans already know that Disney animations share the concept of positive messages and fighting for your aspirations, Coco provides a plot twist and teaches us a bit of unique Mexican culture. As usual, the last scenes in Disney movies are simple enough to make you drop a few tears. Still can’t get over Moana? You should go ahead and give Coco a shot.

3. Japanese Drama Pretty Proofreader: when a meticulous career becomes enjoyable

When I knew that the famous Japanese female actress Ishihara Satomi was going to do a new drama, I immediately followed as a fan. Being a book publication editor or proofreader seems rather tedious, yet Ishihara shows the humorous side of being a proofreader during each episode. As a bonus, Suda Masaki - who is a very popular, young Japanese actor - is also in this drama. If you are searching for an easy comedy that does not require a detective mindset, check out this 2016 drama Koetsu Girl!

Masaki Suda (left) and Satomi Ishihara (right) make a perfect pair in this Japanese drama.

Bonus 4. Korean Sensation BTS’s Idol: one word - dope.

Where are all the armys at? I don’t have to describe how we are all enamored with BTS, but I do have a few words to say about their new hit. Their latest single is called 'Idol' and broke so, so many records, including breaking the record for most views of a music video in the initial 24 hours of release; reaching 1M views before 5 days. Their new song captures the summer party vibe so well and is really distinct from their previous songs. Not trying to get you on the bandwagon here, but you need to check out this song. It reminds us of their previous hit Anpanman’s vibrant energy.

There may be plenty more amazing dramas and films (and music) out there, but these 4 are just my personal recommendations. Whether you are anticipating for the coolness from the autumn season or grasping the tail of heat from the summer season, spending some time by yourself with a good drama or film is always worth it.