Three of The Best Trashy Christmas Movies on Netflix

Christmas is hyped up in Tokyo since (even before Halloween in some places), and it is all about to come to peak-festivity now in just a little over a week. If you are not down to party with some KFC or don't have a date planned for the 25th (let’s face it, Christmas in Japan is basically just Valentine’s Day with Santa) you might want to cozy up with a bottle of mulled wine and watch some of the best and delightfully trashy Christmas-movies available on Netflix. Here are three of my favourites.

A Christmas Prince


Picture from IMDb

I am counting this as one movie, because why not. This movie is about just a normal American girl working as an underappreciated editor at a big magazine that inexplicably decides to send her to cover a press conference about the playboy prince of Aldovia, a picturesque make-believe country presumably located somewhere in Europe, where everyone talks with a posh British accent, because why not. She somehow ends up sneaking into the castle and being mistaken for the prince’s youngers sister’s American teacher and decides to stay in the castle to write an undercover insider scoop about the experience. I would say that you can’t make stuff like this up, but apparently you can, and I am forever grateful.


The Princes Switch


Picture from IMDb

Can’t get enough of fake European Royalty? Fear not because there is ANOTHER fake "-avia" country here to save Christmas: Belgravia. Follow Stacy DeNovo, a talented young baker, as she goes abroad together with her hunky bff and his daughter to win the world-famous Christmas-baking competition in Belgravia, only to find out she is the spitting image of the woman engaged to be married to the Handsome Prince… and of course they decide to swap places for two days. It doesn’t get much better than this.


The spirit of Christmas


Picture from IMDb

Serious, and seriously overworked, Lawyer Kate gets as assignment during Christmas to make sure a haunted B&B gets sold within three weeks and meets the Ghost (get it, the Spirit of Christmas) that mysteriously appears in the Inn only over the Holidays. I don’t think I need to say much more than this. It's brilliantly trashy.


So if you are bored of watching Love Actually for the 15th time, take a look at Netflix holiday-selection and just revel for a bit in the cheesy warmth of love-at-first-sight trash that is the low-budget heaven of Christmas Movies.