Study Abroad: New Life in Montreal

Since August 15th of this year, I left the comfort zone that I had been for 5 years. Not long after arrival to my new destination, school started. New things emerge relentlessly while times refuses to halt. I assume this as a #brandnewstart as I am forced to trudge on through the paths of this unfamiliar city to Montreal. Despite knowing the city life in Toronto, Montreal is a completely new story. The French language, street music, farmer's markets, and Starbucks all over the city basically describe it all. It is true that I've only been here for around one and a half months now, but haven't failed to observe my new surroundings and think about them.

More challenges have arisen, I guess, since school started one month ago. It is unfortunate that the skills of making new friends and socializing in university have disappeared within me. This is simply all too tiring. Too tiring to socialize; too tiring to make new friends. The dilemma of wanting to change myself and make the best of this year-long-exchange as well as dealing with grudges and disappointments continue to appear when I step onto campus. It is impossible to change yourself to a large degree, but secretly I tell myself: "You gotta try. Just try a little harder and step out there. There's still a long way to go, but there have been already good progress and efforts made."

Studying on a large campus helps me easily experience new things. Have you sat with 600 people in a class? The classroom is basically a theater, and it surely is a unique experience for me. How about walking only 10 minutes to get to school? I definitely appreciate the convenience of my apartment and just how easy it is to live near campus. Wandering around the large downtown campus is almost like a treasure hunt, helping me find the location of all the 11 libraries and best lunch spots. Comparing ancient, European style buildings at McGill to the modern buildings at Waseda, this also can be counted as a fresh and new experience for me.

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Having done some sightseeing around the city, Montreal never fails to disappoint me. The stunning architecture of the Notre Dame Basilica and climbing to the top of Mount Royal just behind downtown campus are two must-dos. Learning the new language (French) is another challenge for me in order to get more acquainted with the city. With about 7 more months to go, I hope this city will not only bring me more surprises, but also allow me the chance to be able to adapt and feel more comfortable when it comes to school life.


This article was written by HC Waseda Guest Writer, Angela Chung