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Rei Kato

Rei Kato

Cutie and a Her Campus Waseda contributor! Meet Rei.

Amy Yonemoto: Born and raised?

Rei Kato: Born in Yokohama. Raised in Singapore, San Francisco, and Osaka!

A: What are you looking forward to most about the holidays?

R: Shopping with mom

A: What was one favorite memory from this year?

R: Jumping off the cliff with you lol

A: Hahah that was a lot of fun. Next. If you had to choose one song to sum up your year what would it be?

R: See You Again – Wiz Khalifa

A: Favorite TV show

R: New Girl

A: Favorite trip or vacation

R: Trip to Santorini, Greece

A: Favorite concert or event

R: Beyond Wonderland in SoCal

A: Favorite class you took

R: Design and Architecture (by Professor Christian Dimmer)

A: Favorite movie

R: Crazy Stupid Love

A: Are you Single? Taken?

R: Taken

A: Favorite date spot

R: The beach

A: Biggest accomplishment this year

R: Travelled to 6 countries

A: Something you want to work on for next year

R: Learn a new language (Chinese, Spanish or French)

A: Something you look forward to next year

R: More travelling, more exploring before I enter the job market…

A: Something you hope to see improve

R: Women’s career advancement in Japan


Hope you had a good year, Rei!

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